I am pleased to announce my new eBook, Seeing the Forest Through the Trees. In this volume I bring together much of what I’ve learned about photographing trees and forests over the past 30 years. Filled with over 100 photos from all across the United States, I discuss locations, types of lighting and weather conditions, aesthetic and technical details as well as storytelling and how to approach different seasons. The eBook can be purchased and downloaded from this website as a PDF that can be displayed on your phone, tablet or computer.

I’m honored that master landscape photographer Charles Cramer has written the introduction for this book. Here’s some of what he has to say:

Scott goes into great detail about where to find interesting trees, with many specific locations mentioned. Then answers questions like, is it better from outside the forest, or from inside. He then breaks down the various types of light, times of day, and atmospheric conditions. But, perhaps most importantly, he illustrates every condition with top-notch photographs. The book also details technical considerations like depth of field, which can be very important with forests. If Scott had just included these images without any text, it would be an excellent book. But we are lucky that Scott has described in detail how he makes these photographs. The book is quite comprehensive, and can serve as a reference book, but also one that can provide continued inspiration.

I believe you’ll find much in this ebook to inspire and motivate you to explore this most wonderful of subjects. Trees and forests have been my favorite photographic pursuit for decades and I’m thrilled to share this material with you.

Upon purchase, you will be presented with a link to download this eBook. The link will not be emailed but will appear after checkout and will be valid for only 48 hours, so be sure to download the eBook immediately. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!

Table of Contents
Introduction by Charles Cramer
Chapter 1: My Approach to Forest Photography
Chapter 2: Locations
Chapter 3: Light
Chapter 4: Atmosphere
Chapter 5: Aesthetic Considerations
Chapter 6: Technical Considerations
Chapter 7: The Essence of Trees

Pages: 66
Format: PDF
File Size 50MB

Price: $19.95


“I found Scott Walton's new E-Book Seeing the Forest Through the Trees an invaluable resource for landscape photographers who want to improve their woodland images. The photographs in the book are stunning but the tips in the text are well worth the cost of the book. Tips such as where and how to easily locate tree and woodland scenes and how to best isolate subjects, how to deal with troublesome patches of white sky in post processing and information on grounding woodland scenes or not, will make woodland photography much more enjoyable and the resulting photographs more compelling. After reading the book twice now, the other thing I've realized is how inspirational the book is. The information and photographs gives the photographer ideas and inspiration to build on their current skills and creates a desire to get out and practice the techniques. For me, this book is Five Stars for sure.”

  ~ Philip Culbertson (Seneca, South Carolina)

“I read Seeing the Forest Through the Trees this weekend and loved it. I spend a lot of time shooting in forests, and I was pleased to find a wealth of inspiration, food for thought, and useful pointers. Not to mention the beautiful images that you selected to complement the content and illustrate your ideas. Overall, fantastic work!”

  ~ Nick Becker (Lemay, Missouri)

"Great e-book, well worth the purchase. Full of inspiration, even for those not resident in the USA."

  ~ Matthew Thompson (United Kingdom)