2020 Folio


I’m thrilled to present my 2020 Folio. This set of archival pigment prints features some of my favorite images from the year. The folio contains 13 prints which were all taken during my one photography trip of the year, to the Desert Southwest in the Fall.

Each folio consists of a die-cut, heavyweight, art paper cover folded to contain the prints and other materials. A custom image graphic title shows through a window opening. In addition to the prints there will be an individually signed and numbered title page, a list of prints and a trip description page, outlining some of my thoughts about my month long photography adventure.

Each image is printed with archival pigment inks using my Epson 7890 on an 8x10 inch sheet of Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper with a small white border. The image area is 9.25” on the long dimension and the width varies per image with cropping and aspect ratio. All materials used are acid free and archival. The 2020 Folio is an Edition of 50 copies. These images are suitable for framing or experiencing all the subtle detail close up, handheld as you might enjoy a fine book.

I'm doing something different this year though. I have selected 12 of my favorite images and YOU get to select the 13th print for your folio. Since I made so many images on my Fall trip and couldn't include all my favorites, chances are one of your favorites might not be included either. So I decided that each purchaser should choose one of their favorite images to be included in their folio.

This special web page will show all the images from which you can choose the one extra to include in your folio. This allows you to customize the folio just a little to hopefully make it a bit more special. Each of these extra images has a numbered thumbnail and once you place your order, simply email me the number of your chosen extra, 13th image and I'll include that when I produce your folio.

By the way, if you'd like to watch me make each of these images in the field, please check out the YouTube channel playlist for this trip containing 20 episodes from my Fall 2020 Southwest trip.

Please feel free to ask any questions and thanks so much for your interest in and support of my photography.